Posted by: kdeel2011 | June 26, 2011

EVM Calculator

Found a really neat tool this week for Earned Value Management:

It is aligned with PMI’s EVM definitions.  Enjoy!

Posted by: kdeel2011 | June 26, 2011

Request Tracking

I have been using a free web 2.0 tools call BlaBla list for about 1.5  years.  Check it out at:  It is very useful organization tool.  It is more like a to do list than a task request system.  My favorite task request system is PR Tracker.  I have been using it for about 15 years.  It has not changed much over the years; but it doesn’t need to do so.  It is simple and efficient.  My favorite attribute of it is that I can add new fields very easily.  It allows me to tailor it for whatever team I am working with at the time.  I highly recommend it for anyone needing a task tracker.  It is inexpensive and highly efficient.

Posted by: kdeel2011 | January 7, 2011

Mind Maps/Thinking Maps

Got curious and found that Visio (my favorite graphical tool) includes a “mind map” capability of sorts.  The template is called “Brain Storms”.  Works for my purposes.  Did a couple mind maps and it was pretty straight forward.  Happy New 2011.

Posted by: kdeel2011 | December 29, 2010

2011 Blog

So my new years resolution is to use more Web 2.0 PM Tool offerings to enhance my job as a Program Manager. It has been an interesting couple of days since I started with this concept and I think the discovery process this year will be a blast.

I’m starting this blog as a part of this process. My favorite find so far is It allows the user to make mind maps. I am looking forward to becoming more familar with it. So far I’ve discovered about 35 new web 2.0 PM Tool offerings. I figure if there are 2-3 jewels in there the process will be worth it.